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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Long Delayed Project Resumes...

It's been a long break since KRC Studio resumes our game production.

This time around, we are mainly focusing on the platform ryona / gore game development on Elegant Assassin Lydia.

The upcoming two episodes of Lydia will be done on GameMaker platform with the games available on PC.

The game itself features Lydia fighting through enemies and enduring numerous ryona, rape, and gore death.  The two episodes are focusing on how Lydia chases down her target Joseph, and having to take on her arch nemesis, Korkov and Blood Rose.

We will also work on expansions of these episodes, including 6 different costumes for Lydia as Expansion Pack 1, and 6 different other Doujin & Original characters in Expansion 2.

We will start updating our blog more frequently as we progress through our game development.

Team KRC

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trouble with Payloadz...We are moving to either Tradebit or WDS

Hi All,

First of all, we are extremely sorry for the extended delay in our site updates.

KRC Studio got into some trouble with Payloadz (again), as Payloadz apparently does not allow erotic contents to be sold on their site anymore.

As of now, our account at PayLoadz is permanently closed (or banned), and we are assessing alternative Digital Storefront sites to continue our product delivery in the English-speaking societies.

Here are the two possible candidates we are considering:

1) Tradebit
2) Web Delivery Solutions

Both are fully PayPal compatible, and we will eventually choose the one that maximizes both the discounts available to our customers, and the profit we receive. :)

Other than that, the in-game sprite animations for Lolita and other characters are almost completed.  We will post the preliminary demo game sometime in October.

Please stay tuned. :)

KRC Studio

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Imprisoned Lolita EP2 - Escape" Project Started

Hi All,

Thank you very much for supporting Lydia, and supporting us.  We are on our way to the next project - "Imprisoned Lolita Episode 2 - Escape".

In this episode, Lolita needs your help escaping the dungeon infested with monsters, orcs, and perverted guards.  Lolita is a weak little girl who cannot attack her enemies; instead, she needs to take advantage of her tiny size to hide away from her enemies, sneaking her way out of this dangerous dungeon.

This time, the game would be a side-scrolling action game with ryona / rape features within the game as well as sections of erotic stories presented as high quality 3D picture stories.

Here is a quick preview of Lolita taking a slow walk.


Please stay tuned :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Elegant Assasin Lydia EP2 Product Lineup Summary

Elegant Assasin Lydia EP2 Product Lineup Summary

Hi All, we are finally issuing all three versions of the Elegant Assassin Lydia EP2: English Version, Japanese Version, and Chinese Version.

Also a major notice for all the Chinese customers:



The following table summarizes their availability and price range.

Lydia EP2 - English                     Price: $9.95 USD  (Discounted Rate!) English            Price: $14.84 USD


リディヤ第二話 - 日本語版                        価格: ¥791.95 JPY  (安売り!)                              価格: ¥1,155 JPY


Lydia第二話 - 中文版                      價格:$ 9.95 美金 (降價販售!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

優雅殺手Lydia 第二話 不完全的滲透 中文版 準備中




KRC Studio

「典麗な暗殺者リディヤ 第二話:潜入、不完全」はPayLoadz.comで先に発売されてる


敝社は日本語版の「(KA-04)典麗な暗殺者リディヤ 第二話:潜入、不完全」をPayLoadz.comで発売することが決定しました。