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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trouble with Payloadz...We are moving to either Tradebit or WDS

Hi All,

First of all, we are extremely sorry for the extended delay in our site updates.

KRC Studio got into some trouble with Payloadz (again), as Payloadz apparently does not allow erotic contents to be sold on their site anymore.

As of now, our account at PayLoadz is permanently closed (or banned), and we are assessing alternative Digital Storefront sites to continue our product delivery in the English-speaking societies.

Here are the two possible candidates we are considering:

1) Tradebit
2) Web Delivery Solutions

Both are fully PayPal compatible, and we will eventually choose the one that maximizes both the discounts available to our customers, and the profit we receive. :)

Other than that, the in-game sprite animations for Lolita and other characters are almost completed.  We will post the preliminary demo game sometime in October.

Please stay tuned. :)

KRC Studio

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Imprisoned Lolita EP2 - Escape" Project Started

Hi All,

Thank you very much for supporting Lydia, and supporting us.  We are on our way to the next project - "Imprisoned Lolita Episode 2 - Escape".

In this episode, Lolita needs your help escaping the dungeon infested with monsters, orcs, and perverted guards.  Lolita is a weak little girl who cannot attack her enemies; instead, she needs to take advantage of her tiny size to hide away from her enemies, sneaking her way out of this dangerous dungeon.

This time, the game would be a side-scrolling action game with ryona / rape features within the game as well as sections of erotic stories presented as high quality 3D picture stories.

Here is a quick preview of Lolita taking a slow walk.


Please stay tuned :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Elegant Assasin Lydia EP2 Product Lineup Summary

Elegant Assasin Lydia EP2 Product Lineup Summary

Hi All, we are finally issuing all three versions of the Elegant Assassin Lydia EP2: English Version, Japanese Version, and Chinese Version.

Also a major notice for all the Chinese customers:



The following table summarizes their availability and price range.

Lydia EP2 - English                     Price: $9.95 USD  (Discounted Rate!) English            Price: $14.84 USD


リディヤ第二話 - 日本語版                        価格: ¥791.95 JPY  (安売り!)                              価格: ¥1,155 JPY


Lydia第二話 - 中文版                      價格:$ 9.95 美金 (降價販售!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

優雅殺手Lydia 第二話 不完全的滲透 中文版 準備中




KRC Studio

「典麗な暗殺者リディヤ 第二話:潜入、不完全」はPayLoadz.comで先に発売されてる


敝社は日本語版の「(KA-04)典麗な暗殺者リディヤ 第二話:潜入、不完全」をPayLoadz.comで発売することが決定しました。



Saturday, July 23, 2011

Elegant Assassin Lydia - Episode 2: Infiltration Incomplete on

WARNING: Payloadz Account Issue Resolved!!
We have noticed that PayLoadz have associate our Paypal account to the wrong email address, and we have just fixed it.  If you have already made a payment, please cancel the payment and purchase the product again.  

We have not accept anyone's payment yet, and your payment should be refundable.  For any questions, please email    
Thank you very much.

Hi All,

Good news for English users!  We decide to add to our product retailer lineup, and we are offering 20% off on Lydia EP2! :) is a Paypal-associated online store service, offering safe and convenient shopping service.

What's even better is that doesn't have the complex product review process.  That means, Lydia EP2 English Version is available for purchase NOW! :))

For those who are waiting for the Japanese Version on, we have already submitted our product for review, and it will take approximately 1 week before it shows up on Japanese and English page.  We are sorry for the delay.

Elegant Assassin Lydia - Episode 2: Infiltration Incomplete  (English Version)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lydia EP2 Pre-Sale Announced on!

We are officially launching a pre-sale advertisement on!

Unfortunately, the presale announcement is only available in Japanese.

However, we have scheduled to upload the product to Japanese and English at the end of this week.

We expect the product review process to take up around a week, and both versions will become available for purchase by the end of the month.

Please stay tuned.  The wait is almost over. :)

KRC Studio

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thank you for the long wait...Here is the Demo Version!

Hi All,

We are very sorry for the delayed updates on our website, as our translation outsourcing progress was halted by the 3-week Canada Post lockout... =(

Here is the long-waited demo version of Lydia Episode 2, in both English and Japanese version!

New Note: Promotional Video Added!!

The final product is scheduled to be made available on before the end of July.

Please stay tuned. :)

+++++Promotional Video+++++

Finally, BIG THANKS for Ms. Nancy J. for her pitch-perfect vocal play for Lydia! :)

Also, BIG THANKS for Hello Kitty for her fabulous English-to-Japanese translation. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Translation in Progress...

Hi All,

We are in the progress of translating the game script from English to Japanese.  As soon as that is done, we will work on some final touches for Episode 2.

We project to have Lydia's second episode publish towards mid July. 

Also, we will put out the demo package for download before the end of this month.

Please stay tuned. :)

KRC Studio

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update on Lydia EP2: Script Writing and PS Postprocessing 50% completed

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay on the product.  We are on the progress of finishing up the CG touches and voice recording from Helena C, our voice actress for Lydia. :)

To keep you all looking forward to Lydia's second episode, here are some more ryona on Lydia... :)


Lydia completely knocked out after a fierce beatdown by Mullin and his gang

Lydia screaming in pain, taking a terrifying electrocuting interrogation from Mullin

The sexy Poisonous Ivy is utterly destroyed under Mullin's torture and gangrape

Lydia is overpowered by Mullin's elite knife battle skills, and was painfully stabbed

Stay Tuned... :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrating 10000 Visitors!

Some more updates on Lydia's 2nd Episode:

The project has been halted for two weeks due to family emergency.  Now the project has been resumed.

Picture rendering is almost completed.  There are 8 more pictures before we move on to flash packaging.

The gaming interface and instructional pages will be slightly redesigned for the final product.

Sorry for the wait.  The product is on its way.

***We are hiring a native Japanese translator for script translation.***
***We are hiring a native Japanese translator for script translation.***
***We are hiring a native Japanese translator for script translation.***

If you'd love to give it a try, please contact us! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lydia 80%, some more previews

Hey all,

We have completed 4 sections of Lydia's gallery (a total of 99 CGs!!)

There are still 10 more CGs to come for the main story before the game, 6 more for the Gore/Bloody version, and 2 ~ 3 more for the future product preview.

Here are some previews for the new section "Romantic Sex" added to Lydia's gallery.
The theme in this section is "Virtual Sex", in which CGs are taken from the first person point of view, making YOU the AUDIENCE the one having sex with Lydia. =)


 Lydia's gonna tickle her own clit for your pleasure :)

And lick it up for you

And finally...ride you wild ;)


Please stay tuned!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lydia's Progress...70%

Slight change of plan =)

After an extensive market research on and, we have decided to produce Two Versions of Lydia's Second Episode.

The first version is the regular version with no gore/bloody content, and switch to a 50% Romantic Sex and 50% Rape / Ryona contents:

Section 1: Sexy Lydia
Section 2: Romantic Sex with Lydia
Section 3: Lydia Captured and Interrogated
Section 4: Lydia Raped and Destroyed

Game-Over scenes for the typing game portion will not contain excessive blood neither.

For blood/gore fans, please do not feel left out.  We are planning to issue the Bloody Version of Episode 2, which contains an extra section of Bloody Death, delivering Lydia's last few moments on the battle field.  This section can be unlocked picture-by-picture by deliberately letting Lydia getting killed on the battlefield.

Two Versions will be sold separately.

Please Look Forward! =)

Welcome to Lydia's Garden

Lydia's Naughtiness in her own Bedroom

She's happy for your visit at her playground =)

 And...if she was captured by Mullin's Army...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lydia's Progress...40%

Since the promotional period for Fiona has ended, we are now posting more updates on Lydia's second episode...

First of all, the typing game engine has been completed.  Here are some Screenshots on Lydia's fight against Mullin and his army...


Lydia takes on Mullin and his Elite Army

Lower Right Corner shows Lydia's status, including her health, her ammo, and her "Stealth" ability counter.

Upper Right Corner shows the health of the Boss, Mullin; the Upper Left Corner shows how many of his men are left.

Lydia's objective is to eliminate all the soldiers, and take out Mullin in the boss fight.

Use Lydia's bullets wisely by typing carefully!   Each mistake in key press is a bullet wasted. 
If Lydia depletes her ammo, she'd be crushed by Mullin's army easily.

This is not a fair fight.  Lydia is a girl after all.  

Although she is a very skilled assassin, she cannot take too many shots from her enemies, especially Mullin; on the contrary, it would take much more to nail Mullin.
Watch out for Mullin on the battle field!  He masters his elite sniper rifle, customized revolver, and his knife combat skills.

Lydia would suffer a much more serious damage from Mullin than from any other soldiers.

When in a tight fight, watch out for Lydia's posture and facial expression for quick status check.  

When you see Lydia in serious pain, you might have to consider using Lydia's Stealth ability to give her a short breather from the fierce battle.  

Lydia can also attempt to escape the battlefield when she is about to lose her fight.  However, would you expect a seriously wounded girl to successfully escape from a group of elite army?

I think not...**hint**  ;)

Lydia's Stealth ability grants her a 10 second breather from enemy fires, and allows her to take care of her wounds.

During Stealth Mode, Lydia would be invulnerable by enemies' attack, but cannot attack enemies either.

When Lydia is not doing well in her battle, use her Stealth ability to withdraw her from the battlefield temporarily.  Although she cannot fully recover from the injuries, it's still better than leaving her blown away by hail of bullets.

You don't want Lydia die, do you?

If you fail to beat Mullin and his army, you won't be able to unlock galleries.  Try Again!


We have tested this game and set up four difficulty levels.  Completing each level would unlock a set of erotic / ryona gallery.

Here is a quick taste of what would be in the galleries: =)


We promised Ryona, and we will deliver Ryona =)

Lydia failed to escape and got captured by Mullin's team.  A serious beatdown awaits her...

And Sexual Interrogation....


Finally, thank you all for your support for Fiona's Debut! =)
Fiona has been on the top 10 weekly sales on English for a full week! =)

Thank You Very Much! =))))

Friday, March 25, 2011

"KA03: Royal Druid Fiona" on Sale on Japan and English!

After a month of trouble, Fiona finally made it to the stage! =)


Again a small sample collection of Fiona's adventure in Episode 1:

Special Thanks:   Jasmine K.  (Voice Actress for Fiona)


Special Thanks:   Jasmine K.  (Voice Actress for Fiona)



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Extended Delay has ended....

Hi All:

Sorry for the late update...we have had a lot of technical difficulties setting up the communication with Curious Factory, the company through which we publish our products on

After a painstaking attempt to get a hold of them, we finally were able to confirm that they have had difficulties receiving our submissions through our mail server.

As things are resolved right now, we are moving on to our next product.

"Elegant Assassin Lydia
                  - Episode 2: Infiltration Incomplete"

 Remember This from Episode 1?  We told you Lydia will collapse after weeks of interrogation...  Wanna know how she ended up like this? =)


This product is obviously the sequel of Lydia's first episode.  The difference is, however, that this one will be rated 21+, contains scenes of violence, ryona, torture, rape, blood, and death. (AS WE HAVE PROMISED!!!)

The product also features our first Flash Hentai Game:

Players will play the main character, our sexy Lydia, and help her take out waves of Elite Soldiers by quickly pressing the correct keys shown on screen.

The storyline is set to be identical as the one in the first episode:

Lydia is sent to a factory complex to take out a target named Joseph.  Instead, she has dropped into Joseph's trap, intercepted and ambushed by another soldier-of-fortune, Mullin, and his army of Elite Soldiers.

Lydia's infiltration is a failure, and her life is put on the line against teams of elite ambushers trying to crush her into pieces.

Can Lydia fight her way through this bloody trail? Or this will be the last mission for our sexy Poisonous Ivy?

Once again, we are extremely sorry for the delay on our product updates, and we will keep you all posted from now on.

Lastly, best wishes for all the victims of the Japan Earthquake.  We sincerely hope everything would go well from this point on.