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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lydia, 65%

Finished section 1 and 2... Now to the "PINCH" - "In Danger" section....^.^

For those who are looking for 18R contents...Section 3 is the "Preview" in some sense ~~ XD

Anyho, two discarded Section 2 pictures...

Lydia in the first picture is supposed to be in "Stand-By" stealth mode, but turned out that another more stealthy picture has replaced this one...

Lydia in Stand-by Mode

The second picture was meant to show Lydia's agile movement in her close-range martial combat, but according my girlfriend this picture turns out to be sorta meaningless...Matrix Style Coolness tho LOL

Lydia's Agility and Flexibility

These two pictures are uploaded in Full Size (around 1900 x 1900 pixels)...meaning that this is the size all the pictures would be packaged in our upcoming product~^.^

I personally use all these pictures in rotation for my Win7 Desktop Theme~  =D

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