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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lydia, 95%, Packaging...

The Wait Is Almost Over....

KRC Studio's second product "Elegant Assassin Lydia" is coming soon to on both Japanese and English sites!

A quick summary of what would be included in this product:


"KA02:  Elegant Assassin Lydia"

15+, Partial Nudity, Sexy Poses, Blood, Near Death, Abusing, Defeated...

Main Character: Lydia
Height:   168cm
Weight:   52 kg
Age:        21

Regular Vocation:   College Student
Secret Vocation:     Assassin of Fortune

Brief Introduction to Each Section:

Section 1:  Elegant Silhouette
Lydia's sexy poses in her assassin gears...

Section 2:  Lethal Assassin
Lydia in mission... Fighting Beauty, Beauty with Guns...

Section 3:  Mission Failing
Lydia struggles in very bad situations...Near Death...Mental Collapse...

Section 4:  Daily Life + 1 Month After...
Lydia as a college student...and after recovering from her near death mission failure...


Finally, Daily Pix Update...

Announcement:  Lydia will officially become our Pinup Girl !  ^.^

After a fierce fight against an extremely skilled body guard...Lydia was completely defeated...What would happen to her?  (Hint for our Next Product!  XD)

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