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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fiona's Progress: 55% Completion

So, as we mentioned last time, we will have Fiona on a treacherous journey to a Bandit Camp...

And we promised to send Fiona through the trip with three possible endings...

And obviously, very few of you care about the Good Ending... (I KNEW IT!)

So, your question must be...How Bad Can Fiona's Fate Be?

Here is a sneak preview of "Wrong Choice" during her fight against this group of perverted bandits...

Of course, this is just THE BEGINNING of her ryona / death journey...

You a guaranteed with pictures 10x more ryona-ish and bloody gore in the final product.

This picture is the official preview picture that would be included in the DEMO of our product.

During the fight scene, if you chose to deal with the wrong enemy, you'd end up with scenes like this, which would lead you to further decision decide Fiona's Final Fate...=)

So, if you think it's not Ryona Enough...Hold your breath for now, cause it would get much much rougher for Fiona...and much much more satisfying for you =p


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