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Monday, February 7, 2011

"KA03: Royal Druid Fiona" Project Started.

Firstly, some updates on Elegant Assassin Lydia.

Lydia episode 1 was intended for testing the water with R-15 Partial Nudity / Ryona ONLY contents, but the product launch was not as smoothly as previously planned.

First off, the product debut on Japanese and English was not very well coordinated due to DLSite's own posting policies;  we apologize for those who are waiting for Lydia on English  It is definitely coming out this week. =(

Secondly, the impact of English-Only product was way too significant than what we have expected; literally, English-Only product is by nature self-limiting on Japanese, and we decided to make a translated version that would be posted within 10 days or so to cater specifically to Japanese-Only readers.  However, the story contents are significantly trimmed down.

In summary, we deemed Lydia's episode 1 product launch to be rather unsuccessful.  Taking notes of the mistakes we have made, we will definitely make sure her second episode would not run into such a harsh road.


While we are still dealing with the hassle for Lydia, we are also working on the next project:

"KA03: Royal Druid Fiona - Episode 1: Devil's Lullaby"

Rated- 18R    (Nudity, Softcore, Hardcore, Ryona, Blood / Gore, Rape, Death)

This is also the first product line with Story-line based gallery layout.  Readers can follow a simple gallery layout to choose Fiona's fate. (Dead or Alive =) )

As of now, Fiona's adventure is divided into 3 chapters:

1) Royal Druid:     Fiona's cute personality, sexy body, and dazzling magics. (Softcore, Sexy Posing)

2) Bandit's Base:    Fiona going 1-on-200 against the largest Bandit gang around the county.  Whether she'd win or lose is up to you... (Rape, Ryona, Blood, Death)

3) Undead Legion:   Fiona lost all her partners during her encounter against a large number of undead skeleton warriors...She is the only one holding the magic spell strong enough to wipe out the entire undead army, but she doesn't know how to cast the spell...yet...  (Monster Rape, Ryona, Blood / Gore, Death)

From this point on, our product would hold the same standard of providing mainly ryona / blood / rape contents.  Each episode would contain a small amount of softcore and general-rated pictures, and a large portion of story-driven Heroine-in-Peril CG collections.

Please look forward. =)

And now, some samples~

Fiona and her Royal Magic Staff  (Sample 1)

The first picture would be the official Product Sample.  The full-size picture contains a bit more CG works than this sample. =)

Fiona's Naughtiness =)  (Discarded Chapter 1 Image)

The second picture is discarded because the pose is somewhat awkward.  Not that it's bad, just others are better than this one. XD


We Are Approaching 2000 Visitor Marks!

Thank You All For Your Support! =)


K.R.C. Studio

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