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Sunday, February 13, 2011

KA03 - Royal Druid Fiona Project Update

Project Completion:
30% (Main Story Backbone Completed, Preview for Episode 2 and 3 completed)

Slight Change in Fiona's Story:

1. Finalized Product Name:  Royal Druid Fiona - Episode 1: The Bandit Base

2. This product will be a simple Flash Game WITH VOICE

3. Three distinctive endings
    Fiona Wins
    Fiona Defeated and Killed (Ryona Bloody Death)
    Fiona Defeated and Raped (Ryona and Gangbang)

From now on, ALL Lydia's and Fiona's episodes will be 18+, Flash-based simple AVG game WITH VOICE.


Regarding DLSite's situation, they have returned to me saying that they mistakenly thought I only meant to register my English product on Japanese DLSite...=(

They have finally moved on solving this problem...and I hope it can be resolved ASAP so that Lydia can become available on English DLSite, and her Japanese version available on Japanese DLSite... =(


And one preview picture =)

This picture is discarded from the project because the orientation of the axe is very awkward...was planning to show that the bandit has dropped the axe...

This picture is very tricky to produce, as it's really hard to capture the angle at which Fiona's whole body is clear of visual obstruction...

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