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Friday, February 18, 2011

No Celebration for 3000 Visitor?? But....

Alright, Fiona's progress has reached 60%.  We are off to hiring a voice actor as well as starting on the flash encapsulation. =)

And for those who thought "This aint no Ryona.  This is just minor scrape on the belly" in the previous post, here is the NEXT PHASE of sword ryona... =)

As introduced in the previous post, there are three stages of ryona for each weapon scenario:
1)  Light Ryona, Failed to Reach Good Ending
2)  Heavy Ryona, Chose to Fight Till Death
3)  Death

This picture is the Heavy Ryona for sword-bandit, and will be included in the demo flash game at a resolution of 1000px by 1000px.

In the actual product, you get this picture, as well as all others, in 2500px by 2500px ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION, LOSSLESS JPEG (120% Quality) format.

(Obviously, Lossless JPEG means I just use the JPEG file format without compression.  You can convert it to any format you'd like without suffering any quality loss =)  )

After all the mumble jumble, let's see one of Fiona's "Final Act".

No she is not dead....Yet =)

We will be moving on to the "Rape" section today, and will keep you all posted =)

Please stay tuned =)

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