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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Voice Recording Completed! Thank you Jesmine! =)

Hi All:

We have hired a temporary vocal actress Jesmine for Fiona's adventure.

Jesmine's part is to cover Fiona's painful scream when being hit, and Fiona's sexy moaning when getting threesomed...=)

We have tried our best capturing Jesmine's voice with our limited set of vocal recording equipment.  The quality was ok, and we have used some sound editing tools to put together several voice combo clips.

We admit that our sound processing techniques are to be improved, but the voice clips are proven to be a good match with Fiona's CGs.

Thank you Jesmine =)

Finally...Our Product Update:

The only thing left is Flash Product Encapsulation.  We have the title page as shown below, and another rendered draft of Fiona's threesomed scenario.

Once again, the end product will be photoshop processed and will be in 2500x2500 ultra large resolution.

Please stay tuned.

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