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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Extended Delay has ended....

Hi All:

Sorry for the late update...we have had a lot of technical difficulties setting up the communication with Curious Factory, the company through which we publish our products on

After a painstaking attempt to get a hold of them, we finally were able to confirm that they have had difficulties receiving our submissions through our mail server.

As things are resolved right now, we are moving on to our next product.

"Elegant Assassin Lydia
                  - Episode 2: Infiltration Incomplete"

 Remember This from Episode 1?  We told you Lydia will collapse after weeks of interrogation...  Wanna know how she ended up like this? =)


This product is obviously the sequel of Lydia's first episode.  The difference is, however, that this one will be rated 21+, contains scenes of violence, ryona, torture, rape, blood, and death. (AS WE HAVE PROMISED!!!)

The product also features our first Flash Hentai Game:

Players will play the main character, our sexy Lydia, and help her take out waves of Elite Soldiers by quickly pressing the correct keys shown on screen.

The storyline is set to be identical as the one in the first episode:

Lydia is sent to a factory complex to take out a target named Joseph.  Instead, she has dropped into Joseph's trap, intercepted and ambushed by another soldier-of-fortune, Mullin, and his army of Elite Soldiers.

Lydia's infiltration is a failure, and her life is put on the line against teams of elite ambushers trying to crush her into pieces.

Can Lydia fight her way through this bloody trail? Or this will be the last mission for our sexy Poisonous Ivy?

Once again, we are extremely sorry for the delay on our product updates, and we will keep you all posted from now on.

Lastly, best wishes for all the victims of the Japan Earthquake.  We sincerely hope everything would go well from this point on.

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