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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"KA03: Royal Druid Fiona - Episode 1: Bandit's Camp" Product Completed, Demo Launched

Hi All!

Flash CS4 gave us a huge trouble trying to package everything together.  We had to move back to Flash 8 for a while before things are ironed out.

So, product completed!

Royal Druid Fiona is written is both English and Japanese, and would both be available in one package.

The product contains a total of 92 CGs and one Flash Game with voice.

The contents contain 15% of sexy posing, sexy fighting, 35 ~ 40% of Ryona / Death / Blood, and 45% ~ 50% of Rape / Threesome.

The demo version is available for public download via the link below:

And here are the official Sample Pictures included in the product submission to



The Official listing will be up within a week on both English and Japanese sites.  Please stay tuned =)

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