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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lydia's Progress...40%

Since the promotional period for Fiona has ended, we are now posting more updates on Lydia's second episode...

First of all, the typing game engine has been completed.  Here are some Screenshots on Lydia's fight against Mullin and his army...


Lydia takes on Mullin and his Elite Army

Lower Right Corner shows Lydia's status, including her health, her ammo, and her "Stealth" ability counter.

Upper Right Corner shows the health of the Boss, Mullin; the Upper Left Corner shows how many of his men are left.

Lydia's objective is to eliminate all the soldiers, and take out Mullin in the boss fight.

Use Lydia's bullets wisely by typing carefully!   Each mistake in key press is a bullet wasted. 
If Lydia depletes her ammo, she'd be crushed by Mullin's army easily.

This is not a fair fight.  Lydia is a girl after all.  

Although she is a very skilled assassin, she cannot take too many shots from her enemies, especially Mullin; on the contrary, it would take much more to nail Mullin.
Watch out for Mullin on the battle field!  He masters his elite sniper rifle, customized revolver, and his knife combat skills.

Lydia would suffer a much more serious damage from Mullin than from any other soldiers.

When in a tight fight, watch out for Lydia's posture and facial expression for quick status check.  

When you see Lydia in serious pain, you might have to consider using Lydia's Stealth ability to give her a short breather from the fierce battle.  

Lydia can also attempt to escape the battlefield when she is about to lose her fight.  However, would you expect a seriously wounded girl to successfully escape from a group of elite army?

I think not...**hint**  ;)

Lydia's Stealth ability grants her a 10 second breather from enemy fires, and allows her to take care of her wounds.

During Stealth Mode, Lydia would be invulnerable by enemies' attack, but cannot attack enemies either.

When Lydia is not doing well in her battle, use her Stealth ability to withdraw her from the battlefield temporarily.  Although she cannot fully recover from the injuries, it's still better than leaving her blown away by hail of bullets.

You don't want Lydia die, do you?

If you fail to beat Mullin and his army, you won't be able to unlock galleries.  Try Again!


We have tested this game and set up four difficulty levels.  Completing each level would unlock a set of erotic / ryona gallery.

Here is a quick taste of what would be in the galleries: =)


We promised Ryona, and we will deliver Ryona =)

Lydia failed to escape and got captured by Mullin's team.  A serious beatdown awaits her...

And Sexual Interrogation....


Finally, thank you all for your support for Fiona's Debut! =)
Fiona has been on the top 10 weekly sales on English for a full week! =)

Thank You Very Much! =))))

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