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Friday, April 15, 2011

Lydia's Progress...70%

Slight change of plan =)

After an extensive market research on and, we have decided to produce Two Versions of Lydia's Second Episode.

The first version is the regular version with no gore/bloody content, and switch to a 50% Romantic Sex and 50% Rape / Ryona contents:

Section 1: Sexy Lydia
Section 2: Romantic Sex with Lydia
Section 3: Lydia Captured and Interrogated
Section 4: Lydia Raped and Destroyed

Game-Over scenes for the typing game portion will not contain excessive blood neither.

For blood/gore fans, please do not feel left out.  We are planning to issue the Bloody Version of Episode 2, which contains an extra section of Bloody Death, delivering Lydia's last few moments on the battle field.  This section can be unlocked picture-by-picture by deliberately letting Lydia getting killed on the battlefield.

Two Versions will be sold separately.

Please Look Forward! =)

Welcome to Lydia's Garden

Lydia's Naughtiness in her own Bedroom

She's happy for your visit at her playground =)

 And...if she was captured by Mullin's Army...


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