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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trouble with Payloadz...We are moving to either Tradebit or WDS

Hi All,

First of all, we are extremely sorry for the extended delay in our site updates.

KRC Studio got into some trouble with Payloadz (again), as Payloadz apparently does not allow erotic contents to be sold on their site anymore.

As of now, our account at PayLoadz is permanently closed (or banned), and we are assessing alternative Digital Storefront sites to continue our product delivery in the English-speaking societies.

Here are the two possible candidates we are considering:

1) Tradebit
2) Web Delivery Solutions

Both are fully PayPal compatible, and we will eventually choose the one that maximizes both the discounts available to our customers, and the profit we receive. :)

Other than that, the in-game sprite animations for Lolita and other characters are almost completed.  We will post the preliminary demo game sometime in October.

Please stay tuned. :)

KRC Studio

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  1. 你好,我看你文章中有中文,所以想问下你是不是中国人?还有,我也是是3D制作爱好者,觉得你作品很有趣,我也有些作品,也想像你这样进行销售,能麻烦你告诉我有些销售的办法吗?