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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Long Delayed Project Resumes...

It's been a long break since KRC Studio resumes our game production.

This time around, we are mainly focusing on the platform ryona / gore game development on Elegant Assassin Lydia.

The upcoming two episodes of Lydia will be done on GameMaker platform with the games available on PC.

The game itself features Lydia fighting through enemies and enduring numerous ryona, rape, and gore death.  The two episodes are focusing on how Lydia chases down her target Joseph, and having to take on her arch nemesis, Korkov and Blood Rose.

We will also work on expansions of these episodes, including 6 different costumes for Lydia as Expansion Pack 1, and 6 different other Doujin & Original characters in Expansion 2.

We will start updating our blog more frequently as we progress through our game development.

Team KRC